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Doug & Lisa Mitts

Lisa creates wonderful atmosphere for people to feel at home, loved and cherished. Her gifts include encouragement and exhortation, but most significantly she possesses insight and the ability to put people at ease and share their heart. In the vernacular, Lisa loves people and seeks to bless them. Yes, she likes parties. She loves exercise and activity. Sitting still does not appeal to her unless it includes meaningful conversation. As such, Lisa loves discipling women and engaging in soul care with others.  

Doug tends toward vision, teaching and spiritual formation. He enjoys immensely helping people know Jesus, and strives to help them attain to the potential God has placed in them. He loves the Scriptures and communicating them. He really likes apologetics, church planting and disciple-making. Doug utilizes spiritual formation practices and spiritual direction to foster a deep understanding of God and His will, allowing people to enjoy and realize God’s purposes for them.

Joining God in these ways enables us to enter into the contagious expansion of God’s Kingdom, which stands at the center of our ministry. 

If you desire to partner with us financially via the web, you may do so by clicking here. Then follow the instruction on the page. Our GEM account number is 29880, should you need it.

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