Michael, Lisa, Megan and Doug getting candid! God has granted the wonderful privilege of friendships on two continents. 

As such, we are always between two worlds, with dear friends in the U.S. partnering with us as we serve in Europe, entering into new friendships in Europe. Our hearts are connected to both worlds, so we conclude our citizenship must be in heaven. 

Our blogging will be somewhat regular, but not overly frequent.


Spiritual Formation in Missions

Networking with Mission Organizations

The landscape of missions continues to change. I signed a letter in May of 2019 endorsing the significance of spiritual direction …

Grandma’s Ranch

Fun with Friends in a Beautiful Setting

One of the gifts this year has brought to Lisa and me is the opportunity to visit Grandma’s ranch — that’s the way we know it and …

Representing Europe

Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Mission Conference

Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed representing Greater Europe Mission at Bent Tree’s mission festival this year.  We’d been gone …

Movement Catalyst

Practitioners of Disciple-Multiplication

My friend Rich, the CityReach team and I (but I had just a little part) organized the second Movement Catalyst gathering and it …

Off to Scotland

Training a New Cohort with Selah-Europe

On September 5, Doug flies to Scotland to complete the training for the graduating cohort and to orient a third group desiring to …

Visiting Houston

Catching-up with Friends 

We had a great time visiting our friends in Houston.  We so enjoyed hearing from them, what God was up to in their lives, and sharing what has …

Kids Visit!

Great Time with Megan and Michael

We returned from GEM’s Annual Conference in great expectation of time with our kids.  It is a rare occasion for us to have both kids home …

Expanding the Kingdom

Samuel Came to the Airport

Samuel knew I’d be in Frankfurt, so he texted if he could visit with me as we waited for our departure flight to Texas.  He’d just come off a …

Frankfurt and Friends

Hearing Stories from Multipliers

We did not have the energy due to jet-lag, but the students from the university ministry decided to visit us the second night of GEM’s …

GEM Annual Conference

Seminars on Listening, Apathy, Multiplying

We looked forward to GEM’s annual conference because we love seeing colleagues from across Europe, whom we’ve known for years. …

Home Ministry Renewal

Debriefing the Last 9 Years

Home ministry renewal allows us to gather with other missionaries on home assignment and debrief with each other what God accomplished through …

8-Day Retreat

Listening for What’s Next

We headed off to an 8-day silent retreat. Yes, silent retreat for a time of refreshing, listening, and openness to what God has for us next. 

We …

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