Doug, Lisa, Megan and Michael having a laugh! God has granted the wonderful privilege of friendships on two continents. 

As such, we are always between two worlds, with dear friends in the U.S. partnering with us as we serve in Europe, entering into new friendships in Europe. Our hearts are connected to both worlds, so we conclude our citizenship must be in heaven. 

Our blogging will be somewhat regular, but not overly frequent.


Kids and Summer

Israel Now, Work Later

Megan graduated and then both kids with 20 or so other students took off to Israel for a college-credit course on biblical history and events.  So …

Megan Graduated!

Four Years and a Future to Enter!

On May 18, 2019, Megan walked across the stage to receive her diploma. She graduates as a double major in Business Administration and …

Best Practices Summit

God Showed Us Phenomenal Things

The planning stage lasted a long time, but finally things came together. For church planting movement practitioners in Europe, this event …

German Language and Culture

Getting to Know a New Country

One of the tasks that fell on our calendar was an outing to Berlin for a few days to get exposure to some significant events and history regarding …

Prayer Coordinator

Lisa’s Role at Connecting Hearts

Lisa loves what happens to the hearts and lives of women at the Connecting Heart’s conference. She traveled in the middle of April to serve …

GEM Spiritual Life Team

Planning with Fun!

April came and Doug flew off to Paris to participate in the planning for the Spiritual Life Teams’ work throughout GEM and Europe over the next year.  …

Our German Field

Welcomed by those Serving in Germany

In the middle of settling, the German field retreat happened. We had great time hearing about ministry across Germany, listening to …

On the Move

Hello Frankfurt!

Yes, we have moved. We loved our life in Poland too! When we look over the years, we are absolutely amazed at what God has done and what He has allowed …

Journeying with Others

Helping others Discern God’s Leadership

Between packing and moving, we had a scheduled retreat weekend to help people more fully consider God’s call on their life to the …

One Last Good-bye

Wonderful Women!

What a surprise!  We were invited over to a friends house, just thinking we were coming over for dinner.  We had no idea what was happening. A surprise …

Planning for the Future

GEM Leaders Meetings in Lisbon

We put the kids on the plan to Boston and took off to Lisbon ourselves for GEM’s annual leaders’ meeting. We spent a week in Lisbon, and …

Returning to College

All Good Things Come to an End

A trip to Berlin Schoenfeld early on Monday to send the kids back to college.  

We had a great last few days together just processing life …

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