Doug, Lisa, Megan and Michael having a laugh! God has granted the wonderful privilege of friendships on two continents. 

As such, we are always between two worlds, with dear friends in the U.S. partnering with us as we serve in Europe, entering into new friendships in Europe. Our hearts are connected to both worlds, so we conclude our citizenship must be in heaven. 

Our blogging will be somewhat regular, but not overly frequent.


On the Move

Hello Frankfurt!

Yes, we have moved. We loved our life in Poland too! When we look over the years, we are absolutely amazed at what God has done and what He has allowed …

Planning for the Future

GEM Leaders Meetings in Lisbon

We put the kids on the plan to Boston and took off to Lisbon ourselves for GEM’s annual leaders’ meeting. We spent a week in Lisbon, and …

Returning to College

All Good Things Come to an End

A trip to Berlin Schoenfeld early on Monday to send the kids back to college.  

We had a great last few days together just processing life …

Good-Byes are Hard

Transitioning Well to Frankfurt

We had a very difficult time saying good-bye (hopefully just see-you-later) to our neighbors, a church and a church plant that we worked …

Lisa’s Birthday!

With Friends in Prague

This year we took off to Prague to celebrate Lisa’s birthday with the Nichols. Our kids have known them since they were like 4 years old.  So it …

Santa Who?

Michael Plays Saint Nick for Neighbors!

Megan and Michael arrived to Berlin (we needed the least expensive flights) where we picked them up and brought them to Poland for …

Merry Christmas!

Thanks and Prayer

Merry Christmas! We feel incredible gratitude that you would pray on our behalf. Thank you. Here are a few prayer requests:

  1. God would supply the right …

Frankfurt Here We Come

Christmas Markets and Apartments

We did not write much about our time in Texas. We did quite a bit. We traveled to 6 cities, met with fantastic people, caught up on things (…

Thanksgiving in Texas

Family Gatherings!

Megan and Michael arrived at 10pm on Monday night so that we could celebrate Thanksgiving as a family, and with our extended family. We celebrated with …

Celebrating Friendship

Making Moments

Just before Megan came to Texas for Thanksgiving, she and her roommates shot some really good pictures. They’ve had a tremendous time together over the past …

Off to New York!

Relaxing on Break

Lisa and I received this crazy picture from our kids by text. Each fall they have a mid-semester break, so they took off.  Megan and her roommate wanted …

Something to Celebrate!

Our 24th Anniversary!

I touched down in Texas for a brief, 2-month home ministry assignment, and within a few days, Lisa and I were off to celebrate our 24th anniversary. …

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