A Fun Evening

Amazing Teens!

It sure is fun to raise these kids. Their school held a Sadie’s (backwards) dance that apparently was a lot of fun. While there is a foursome in this picture, …

A Fine-Tuned Machine

Working to Co-ordinate Well

GEM Leadership met near Athens in Greece to discuss a number of issues that address working together well across the Atlantic.  As fruit arises …

A Cafe Making a Difference

Kahaila, The Cafe Church

Along the way in London, I finally got to meet Paul Unsworth and see Kahaila Cafe. The idea behind the Cafe is to help far-from-God people become …

Orienting Interns

Disciple-Making in London

A great team of interns arrived in London for orientation to the culture, their future ministries and what it means to both make and multiply …

The First DMC

A Conversation about Disciple Multiplication

About 30 people from around the UK gathered in the West Midlands (near Birmingham) to discuss disciple-making in their context.  …

Austin: Mixing It Up


Business with Pleasure

Our Austin trip filled us with deep gratitude for our family, friends — and yes, even some meetings about 50-in-5 regarding immigrants or short term …

Cousins for Christmas


Two times Christmas

So here are the cousins, but this was not where Christmas started. Grandpa CA came to our house on Christmas Eve to spend the night. We enjoyed church, …

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