God on the Move

Global Missions and Church Planting Movements

God has taken me on a ride over the past 4 years as I have worked in GEM leadership and church planting facilitation in Poland.  …

Touring Poznan with Friends

Yo! The MacKinnons Visited

What a pleasure to host the MacKinnons for a few days in and around Poznan.  We started touring as soon as we picked them up.  We only had a …

TCS Team Full of Joy

Mission Accomplished!

Unbelievable!  Yes, this team from Trinity Christian School was kept very busy, and they had also the opportunity to see Jesus work in their lives …

Lubbock in Route

3rd Trinity Christian School Missions Trip

I want to brag about Lisa’s work of recent.  Since we returned from Doug’s step-father’s memorial, Lisa has been busy finding …

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