Making Shifts

GEM Europe Leadership Changes

We enjoyed some great discussions during our Europe regional leadership meetings.  I came to the time wondering what should I lay aside in …

Prodigal God

Spiritual Life Retreat

Investing in people concerning God and His Kingdom produces unbelievable rewards. Lisa enjoyed taking some women on retreat and focusing on the character …

Michael’s Birthday

Celebrating Legal Adulthood

Michael entered his 18th year of life. Quite a ride for us. We look back at carrying deep concerns since Lisa’s pregnancy with him had many …

Opening a Window

Sharing God’s Work in Poznań

As I have worked to see the 50-in-5 (now CityReach) initiative developed throughout Europe, I have also worked with disciple-making in Poznań.  …


Coaching Eastern Europe

Getting the GEM Iron-on-Iron scheduled had many challenges, but it appears that God had in mind orchestrating more than we  understood.  

First, …

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