Vision-Cast in Kraków

Steve Smith Shares on Movements

My friends Adam Adamus and Mark Edworthy took the opportunity to arrange a day with Steve Smith, the author of T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution. …

Guess Whose Birthday

His Friends Surprise Him Too

Michael really likes small birthdays with a few friends, but he also likes surprises and to be in groups.  Well he got both this year! In fact, …

Off to EurAsia

Leading GEMers

Lisa flew off to a neighboring country to work with some of the women she leads in EurAsia. Unlike the last time she visited, she did not have to get a visa …

Key Insights for Movement

Making It Simple

Jeff mentioned to me he’d be available to visit Poznan, so I shared this with 5 key people I have been working with to see a disciple-making and church …

Best Practices Summit

Disciple Making Movement Practitioners

I had never participated in anything like this at all. I have enjoyed assisting disciple-making and church planting movements (CPM), …

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