Our Kids did Very Well


Making the Grade!

Wow, it started on Thursday night with Megan’s graduation from Jr. High.  She was honored before both her classmates and their parents.  It was a full …

MobileMe Ending

The Future without MobileMe

As for the next few months, there are a lot of things on the docket, but we won’t have MobileMe to inform you.  I’ve posted for SLOT, but there …

Youth and Music

SLOT Art Festival for Outreach Among Youth

July means SLOT for at least the past few years for us.  There we get a chance to allow teams to engage youth -- if there from …

Engaging Europe from Poznań

Poznań Hosts the Euro Cup 2012

During the third week of June, we had the chance to engage in some prayer-walking with a team that arrived to talk to Europeans who would …

Fast, Furious and Fun!


The Shaws Visit!

Yes, they came.  Yes, we had fun!  Yes, it was too short.  But boy was it good.  I probably have to apologize because we might of worn them out.  

We …

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