Claire Visits!

Poznań and Edinburgh Adventure

We had a blast! Claire came to our home and we enjoyed the conversation that arose. Lisa also took her on an adventure throughout Poznan …

Home on the Range

After a Cattle Drive

This year Megan chose to work on the ranch with the Ruby Habitat Foundation. In the midst of her responsibilities comes the occasional need to work …

Networking for Movement

Kingdom Expansion

This next year has many challenges and one of them has to do with networking to discover the most effective practitioners of movement-model disciple-making …

On the Ranch

Cousins and Grandma

Well Michael and Megan made it to Woodson Ranch and are enjoying their extended family and work.  

Probably for the first time in Grandma’s life, all …

Into the Wild Blue

Friends at the Airport

Michael did an amazing job. Lisa and I thought he’d never make it, but he managed his time well. He was packed, his room was in order, and he was …

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