Joining God in the Cities of Europe

A Plea for Prayer

As I have been contemplating and praying for Europe and reaching it for Christ, I realize that no one person or group can accomplish this.  We need your …

Poznan goes to Bielawa

Mission in Bielawa

Last year Megan went to Dzierzoniów, Poland to participate in an outreach that saw 12 trust Christ in the town of Bielawa (a town close to Dzierzoniów).  …

Learning Kingdom Principles

GEM Annual Conference

For three days prior, I attended leadership meetings, which focused on preparing for seeing the Spirit of God move throughout Europe.  The emphasis …

Summer Team for Megan

Jesus Revolution 2011

Megan wanted to participate on a Jesus Revolution Summer team and she was just barely old enough to go.  Jesus Revolution is a youth movement and …

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