Megan and Michael are Baptized

Reflections on the Experience

Wow -- I’ve been asked, what was it like?  How did you feel as you baptized both of your children?  The answer is mixed with a lot of emotion.  …

Megan and Michael Following Christ

Choosing to Publicly Profess Christ

Megan and Michael expressed a desire to be baptized in late spring of this year.   Saturday is the day, since everyone has returned …

The Rest of the Story

God worked through Lisa

Lisa arrived back home about a week ago with a smile on her face and a lot of joy in her heart.  She had an absolute blast sharing God’s Word and …

Lisa Shares at a SEND Regional Retreat

God has Blessed us in Christ   

Lisa flew the coop this morning.  I’m batching it with the kids and I am missing Lisa.  I am excited for her too.  She has been unpacking …

Streams of Living Water

An Invitation - Touch with the Love of Christ Venture

I have a dual invitation for you.  The first is a request to pray for us, as we seek to touch one person a day with …

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