Megan is Sixteen


Megan had many mini-celebrations of her birth this year!  First with the GEM Poland team, then with her family on the actual day of this year, then …

Disciple-Multiplication Training


The third week of October Doug spent with many Europeans, some CityReach leaders for GEM’s 50-in-5 initiative, and with a friend he is leading in discipleship …

The Streets of Rome

Communicating Christ!    

As we left St. Peter’s square in Vatican City, we ran into Iwan from Albania, looking for work in Rome and temporarily housed in a refugee camp.  …

Click and Read

Mission Frontiers Magazine     

Literally, click either the picture or the title immediately above this to download the Mission Frontiers September-October 2012 Issue …

Time Flies When You are Having Fun!

Celebrating 18 Years     

Lisa and I went out and celebrated by having a quiet evening at a local restaurant enjoying Chinese cuisine.  It is actually very difficult to …

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