CityReach, Edinburgh

Setting Plans for Movement

Scotland, brace yourself! The prayer has started and a CityReach Strategy Leader has arrived! Amazing days await Edinburgh, Scotland, especially …

Megan Can Vote!

Surprised on Her 18th!

Yes, Megan turned 18, and she did vote  by mail since mid-term elections were scheduled two weeks after her birthday.

I find it hard to believe that …


IMG 0265

Watching Vision

This past Sunday, I went to a church where I saw God's heart for disciple-making and Kingdom expansion being implemented. I had been working with Krzysztof …

GEM Leadership

Pressing into Vision and Mission

The second week of October found me flying to our headquarters in Monument for leadership meetings. Most of the meeting time concerned …

Happy 20th Anniversary!

God’s Goodness to Us

Two days after returning from Dublin, Lisa and I celebrated our 20th anniversary!

Time has flown for us and we have loved every minute of being together. …

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