Michael’s Meanderings

Preparing for a Future

Michael has moved into full speed as the year has continued.  He has kept busy with home schooling (and he’s doing well by the way), working at a …

Coffee and Gospel

Opening Conversations

Roy works primarily with immigrants, but he needs the French as well.  He lives in a town of about 400,000 and desires to see the whole immigrant …


Working with CityReach in Germany

I promised Danny I’d get to Cologne and work with him regarding strategy for disciple-making and church planting.  It took a while as …

Mini DMT

Disciple Multiplication Training

October meant training a number of Poles in some of the skills of disciple multiplication. We had a team of people plan the weekend event …

Number 22

Celebrating Our Anniversary

We so enjoyed our evening out to a new restaurant. The food was great, but the conversation was so much better. We discovered there is much …

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