Happy Birthday

Mom Celebrates 29!

What a day!  We spent it doing what Lisa wanted to do, so we went out and spent some time with friends.  First, however, we did manage to eat breakfast …

A Relaxing Fun Day

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoyed the time with family and friends during the holiday.  This year it seemed to come up on us very fast. Since it was on …

It’s time to Eat

Cookies and Christmas

Lisa loves to bake.  She also is very good at it.  Each year we do cookies, and the recipe comes from my grandmother.  This year, we hosted a couple …

Scotland and GEM

It’s not about Harry Potter

Since I lead the New Initiatives team in GEM, I had the privilege of being in Scotland to visit families locating in that country for ministry.  …

Andrew’s Visit

Hosting Andrew

Andrew entered our lives about three years ago as a participant on the Trinity Christian School’s missions team as a student. Over the years his heart grew …

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