Lisa’s Birthday

Spending It In Prague with Good Friends

Our kids are roughly the same age as Greg and Debby Nichol’s are, so it was great that Salina would be in town too.  We missed having …

Christmas at Home

A Relaxing Day with Fun!

We entered into a very relaxed and fun day together during Christmas.  

Lisa and Megan conspired to make cinnamon rolls from scratch, and they were …

Merry Christmas 2016! 

Wishing You The Best at Christmas

We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a really Happy New Year 2017!

We live in gratefulness to you for your prayers and your sacrificial …

Megan Arrives!

Back Together Again

Being separated by both distance and culture makes sending our child to college difficult. Weekend visits are not usually in the mix for us. In fact, …

An RA Christmas Party!

Fulton Dorm Fun

I met with our Europe Leadership Team to be certified in some training the team wants to implement consistently throughout GEM.  Out of the blue, while …

Excited about Europe!

Exceeding Expectations

It was a one-day trip, and I was a bit concerned about where we were in process. We were continuing to develop the first European Forum on Church …

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