Focus on UKRAINE

Discovering Ways to Help

As I was in the US  for my mother’s memorial, calls and emails started coming my way to assist on a team within GEM to discover where to assist and help if war broke out. Once I returned to Germany, war did break out and the refugees started pouring into Poland, Czech, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary — and then across Europe. Ukrainians were well received, given transportation for free, and immediate three-year visas in the EU. 

A large portion of time went to discovering where best to partner, and with whom to partner in Poland. Lots of calls, getting some people in place for a three phase plan, humanitarian, discipling, and then long-term new churches. While my role was largely in coordination and discovery, it was essential as we oriented to how best to assist a large coalition of people trying to bring relief and hope to a displaced people.  Thanks for praying!

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