Seeing Poznań

Revisiting Friends and Old Stomping Grounds

Well, since Ben came to Germany, Megan wanted him to see her old stomping grounds, to see her world growing up.  Michael just wanted to revisit memories. We all saw a number of friends and some of our neighbors.

Robert and Gosia found us a place to stay for free (which made it a whole lot easier). We took Ben everywhere and he had some original polish food from restaurants and some home-made. 

What surprised Lisa and me, was how our kids responded to visiting Poznań without our home. At the same time, the people who now own our home, let them come and meet them and see their old house. Megan and Michael made a different kind of closure, one that helped them with where God has them now.  They miss their friends and love Poland, but it was a great trip, not only for Ben, but for us all too.  

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