Together for Christmas!

We Loved Seeing Our Kids 

Yes, fun, right!  We flew to Texas and stayed at Lisa’s brother’s house!  We enjoyed seeing Ronnie (Lisa’s brother) and getting time finally with Megan and Michael.  Oh, and we celebrated a simple and quiet Christmas with our family.  

Michael introduced us to plant based foods (actually he’s a really good cook), made us have fun planing some games, especially Sushi Go (yes that is a game). We took walks, enjoyed relatively warm weather, and being pretty much in the country. 

Covid did prevent us from seeing Lisa’s mom (lockdown), but we did get to steal Doug’s mom away for a lunch out (we couldn’t go in her senior living center). 

We are so grateful for our family and listening to where the kids are in life. Please continue to pray for them. Michael is thinking about medical school. Megan has one year left at Biola after the spring semester. 

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