Update on Michael

Covid Creates and Interesting Journey

Michael returned to Gordon College after visiting Megan on his Spring Break. Once back for studies, the college announced its decision to close the campus. A friend of Michael offered him a place to stay in Houston, Texas where He finished the semester (all A’s and yes, we are proud).  Yet his summer job fell through so he needed to find somewhere else to work.  

A former youth leader in GEM invited him to stay at his home in Denver Colorado. He had also found a job for him in a landscaping company. Michael didn’t even have to interview. He was hired sight unseen.  

I stand amazed, rather regularly, at how God works. Since we are 5,000 miles away it didn’t make sense for Michael to come to Frankfurt. God knew that and He handled it all. Education. Place to live. Job. Amazing! 

About the picture — we asked Michael to send us a picture of him at work. He sent us his work. Thank you for praying.  

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