Interns and Covid-19

Impacting Lives for Multiplication

Wow! We returned from Rome, and immediately received two interns for the next 90 days. Our task concerned getting to know them, helping them cultivate their relationship with God, and training them in disciple-multiplication.

Disciple-multiplication, though, concerns how a person lives in the Kingdom of God and extends that invitation of following Jesus to others. We train both skills and heart for making disciples. 

While I shared in the training, Lisa did the bulk of it and I was amazed by both her insight and skill. We went out into the harvest to engage those far from God as well. 

Then, on March 11, that evening, the world changed. Covid-19 now dominated the news cycle and before we knew it boarders were closing and the women were requested to return by their university. The best laid plans of mice and men — I’m glad God’s in charge. Thanks for partnering with us in prayer!

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